2024 edition

The Fondation du CHUS Travel lottery makes it possible to finance small equipment at the Fleurimont Hospital and the Hôtel-Dieu in Sherbrooke. Ticket holders have the chance to win numerous cash prizes, travel credits, and as an added bonus, a scratch box is on each ticket with instant cash prizes to be won.

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October 2024
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Ticket sales for the Tirage-voyage, a presentation by FDP, have officially begun!

Indeed, this popular lottery is back with its enhanced and improved winning formula!

Now $100,000 in prizes!

100 winners in the 9 draws (from January to September)

82 cash prizes including a $10,000 jackpot
18 travel credits of $2,000 (or $1,500 in cash)

+ 37 instant cash prizes, from $50 to $1,000

In addition to making lucky winners, the Travel Draw contributes directly to the improvement of health care offered on the territory of the CIUSSS de l'Estrie - CHUS. In fact, the profits raised are shared between the eight foundations that are partners in the activity.

On the side of the CHUS Foundation, they make it possible to carry out various small projects worth less than $5,000 each, which were proposed directly by the staff of the Fleurimont Hospital, the Hôtel-Dieu and the CHUS Research Center.

With the Tirage-voyage, everyone is a winner!

To participate, 2 options: a single payment of $130 (payable by credit card) or a withdrawal of $5 per payroll (reserved for CIUSSSE-CHUS employees).

To buy tickets in person, check out the 2024 seller list!
You will have access to the same payment methods and options as online.

Ticket sales end on January 23, 2024.

From January to September, there will be one drawing per month. So you're running 9 chances of winning since all the tickets are put back in the barrel after each drawing!

You can watch these draws live via Facebook. The list of winners will then be available here and on our Faceboook page.

Ticket sales for the 2024 edition are now over. See you at the beginning of October for the 2025 edition!

Discover the winners of the fourth freelance on April 25, 2024:

Des nouvelles de l’événement
June 22 2023
An extraordinary lottery multiplies the happy

The Tirage-voyage is a lottery like no other and its popularity certainly stems from this originality.

2 février 2022
Le succès réitéré d’une loterie hors de l’ordinaire

L’édition 2022 du Tirage-voyage, une présentation de Gestion financière MD, a battu ses propres records avec 2 600 billets vendus et un bénéfice de 190 418 $, des fonds qui seront utilisés pour concrétiser de petits projets un peu partout dans les centres hospitaliers estriens.

2023 Edition
181 555
shared among 10 Estrie foundations
2023 Edition
181 555
shared among 10 Estrie foundations

Merci de donner pour la santé!

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