Grand tirage de la santé | Groupe Beaucage

2024 edition

Tickets for the Grand tirage de la Santé | Groupe Beaucage 2024 are now available.


Deuxième tirage | Édition 2024

Small Donations Make a Huge Difference

The Small donations make a huge difference advertising campaign is designed to show all donors the impact they have on health care in the Estrie region.

It is through the collaborative effort of all our donors that we are able to make a difference. To continue our mission, all donations are essential. Not just the big ones.


Projects to be funded :

The CHUS Foundation has a list of projects to be funded that align with the strategic directions of the CIUSSS de l’Estrie - CHUS. There are all kinds of projects, which are equally relevant to thousands of people’s health.

Humanization of care


Urgence gériatrique fund

The geriatric emergency is an approach where the needs and comfort of the elderly person are at the center of the concerns of the staff.



Cœur en Tête fund

Every year, 2,500 Canadians are diagnosed with brain cancer, one of the most virulent cancers there is. The Heart and Soul Fund supports brain cancer research conducted by the neurosurgeon and neuro-oncologist Dr. David Fortin.



Research on men health

Health issues related to the male sexual sphere have long been taboo subjects and, even today, many men are slow to consult.

Technological advancements


High-tech integrated operating room

There are thousands of people waiting for surgery in Estrie. Many of these patients experience anxiety, insecurity, and suffering.

Our Latest News.


Vente de garage

With the arrival of spring, we suggest that you free your home from all your “lingering around”!

Press releases

April 10, 2024
A record-breaking year for the 13th CHUS Foundation Souper gastronomique

The 13th edition of the Souper gastronomique brought together a record crowd of 665 guests who raised $827,902 for the benefit of health, an amount never equalled for this benefit activity held last night at the Sherbrooke Exhibition Center.


April 2, 2024
"I'm glad I came up with the idea! - Normand Therriault, founder of the CHUS Foundation

Nearly 50 years ago, the idea of creating a foundation to help his hospital arose in Normand Therriault's head. So, director of technical services at the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS).


March 8, 2024
A new fund to invest in women's health!

The issues surrounding women's health are multiple and the field of research still remains a great area to be explored further.


13 février 2024
News from Mathilde

A year ago, we met Josée, Mathilde's mother, who suffers from epilepsy and is receiving treatments here in Sherbrooke. On this International Epilepsy Day, we asked Josée for news about her daughter.


Février 2024
Grand tirage de la santé | Groupe Beaucage... Everyone has been winning for 25 years!

For this 25th year of the Grand Draw on Health | Groupe Beaucage, the Fondation du CHUS team and its partners are doing things in a big way! This anniversary edition offers two possibilities to win one of the ten Grand Prizes...


11 janvier 2024
A thousand thanks

The hearts of all employees of the CHUS Foundation were overflowing with gratitude last Thursday as we celebrated the global day of the word “thank you”.


19 décembre 2023
When a story inspires giving back

At the CHUS Foundation, we are fortunate to see, year after year, new companies joining the Entreprises Papillon movement that donate through the sale of certain products or during a collection at the cash register.

Press releases

7 novembre 2023
The Sherbybox is back for a most festive edition!

The Sherbybox, the perfect gift box for Estrie lovers, is back for the holidays with its 7th edition.


November 2, 2023
New devices that make a big difference for patients!

The acquisition of three new positron emission tomographs (PET-CT) allowed for more clinical examinations in the last year and advanced research on type 2 diabetes.

Thank you for giving to health!